capsiplex plusThe New Capsiplex Plus 2012 Version Arrived...

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Beware Of Capsiplex Scam Sites

Beware of Fake Capsiplex - Make that you are purchasing genuine!

After HUGE media attention, celebrity endorsements and raving testimonials from real users the demand for Capsiplex is overwhelming. Unfortunately, this resulted in fake supplement manufacturers selling counterfeit supplements in the name of Capsiplex and similar names.

The Company has already identified few fake suppliers like, etc. They have also identified few fake sellers on the ebay also. They already red flagged following ebay sellers. Their ebay user id listed below.

dietshop, Suprahealth and frandiet10

By the time you read this there may be other fake sellers. So we highly recommend you to not buy from ebay, Amazon and other online retail shopping sites.

Please Note: BodyScoop Ltd is NOT the real manufacturer of Capsiplex as they claim! The real manufacturer is no one but itself. Click here to visit

Don’t be a victim of cheap imitations!

There are other supplements like Chili Burn, CapsiPLUS & CapsiMax etc. These are all cheap imitation of Capsiplex.

If you want to buy real and genuine Capsiplex then buy it from official website only. Else, don’t buy it at all. Instead of becoming a victim of online scam we suggest you to save your money and join a Gym in your local area!

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